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All My Papers is a private California Corporation founded in May, 2000.

All My Papers (AMP) is a developer and distributor of software development toolkits and applications for Check Image Cash Letter files used in Check Image Exchange.

AMP's core competency is Check Image Cash Letter (ICL) file processing software required to resolve interoperability and data integrity issues that happen during the Check Image Exchange Process.

AMPs products are considered Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS). AMP does not create custom software applications. AMP products can be used interactively or programmed automatically to work in a “lights out” mode.

All My Papers acquired all the products, source code, patents and trademarks of Seaport Imaging, Xionics XipPrint Division, GGX and Idata International.

All My Papers products are used by hundreds to read millions of images every day.



Biographies & Personnel

The founder of All My Papers, Larry Krummel, has been a corporate officer and/or founder of two IPO companies(Ramtek and Quibix) and founder of an additional two companies that were successfully sold (Micro Machines and Seaport Imaging). Previously, Mr. Krummel was the first TRW Fellowship holder at Stanford University. Larry Krummel is the author of the white paper "Barcodes in Document Imaging" which was published in 1996 and it is still downloaded hundreds of times a month.

All My Papers is located in Silicon Valley and draws on the vast resource of engineering, marketing and sales talent in the greater San Francisco Bay area.

All source code is developed and resident in the US.

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