License Transfer

  • Replacing a license on a PC that has crashed or
  • Transferring a license to another PC or
  • Moving to a new Operating System or Virtual Machine environment

Moving a license can be complex process and All My Papers has a new License Manager to help. All My Papers has new License Manager Software for transferring licenses from one computer to another, or to a Virtual Machine environment or upgrading to a new Operating System.

All My Papers supports license transfers from one machine to another which has the same environment as part of maintenance.  Moving from Windows XP to Win 7 is supported at no cost but moving from a non VM to VM may require a new license and generally will take a couple of days of testing.

Why would the process be complex? First it is very common for the workstation user and even the manager to not know what licenses they have.  They know the brand (All My Papers) and the  product (eg X9 Viewer) but do not know the specific licensed features. The licensed features are described in the purchase order but often, when and who purchased the product, is different than the end-user who utilizes the product.

AMP has created a new License Environment Questionnaire to identity both the new environment and the old environment. Filling this out in advance will help both licensee and the licensor to ensure a smooth transition in moving a license:

Another advantage of the new License Manger (LM), is that it converts a deleted Permanent license into a 30 day temp license. Transferring a permanent license requires removal of the current permanent license, the new LM deletion process gives time to install and test new temporary licenses and then to install the new perm licenses while the old machine is still running. Assuming your organization is current on maintenance, this is the process for moving a license.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that annual maintenance is current.
  2. Identify the Purchase Order under which this license was acquired.
  3. Fill in the license move questionnaire and return to This questionnaire is available at this link
  4. Once the above has been completed, download and install the new License Manager software.
  5. Go into the All My Papers License Manager software and click on Show License (You can take a screen shot of this page and send it to us as well if you do not know the original license code that was installed on this machine. This will help us send the correct replacement license.) The LM About box provides a way to convey all the current machine license information. Once this is sent, a new Temp license can be sent and used for testing in the new environment
  6. Before a new permanent license is installed, the old license must be deleted and a deletion code generated at that time must be sent to All My Papers. The deleted license will turn into a 30 day temporary license. Click on the license you want to delete and press Shift-DEL . This will give you a code to confirm the deletion of the license.
  7. Send this code to
  8. In addition, please fax a Certificate of Destruction that can be downloaded HERE to 408-366-6406. Please include what Authorization Code and Product Code you will be transferring. Once we receive the fax and code, then we can send you a new license.
  9. Moving to a Virtual Machine  environment from a non VM machine requires a new license to be purchased.
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