All My Checks Presentation

The presentation covers:
  • An introduction to All My Checks software
  • The goals and benefits of using All My Checks
  • Samples of a variety of scanned check images with before and after results as the checks are formatted for exchange
  • Samples of Voucher Remittance processing
  • Issues with mobile phone camera images
  • A summary of features and functions
  • Screen shots of software

Getting Started with ICLs aka X9.37 Files (version 5/1/06)

This PowerPoint presentation is an overview of how an X9.37 file (Image Cash Letter) can be built from your data base, remote capture system or image archive system.

At the end of the presentation the attendee should understand:

  • What is an ICL
  • How it differs from other electronic fund transfer processes
  • Review the benefits of ICL’s such as faster fund clearing, fraud mitigation and improved back office efficiencies.
  • Details of what the components are of an ICL
  • Why a valid ICL must be developed to an international standard
  • Review of  guidelines for an acceptable ICL sent to the Federal Reserve Board.
  • Potential issues with ICLs such as wrong source or destination information such as ABA routing numbers.
  • Editing an ICL.
  • Generating a return ICL and
  • Future ICL standards.

Minimizing Liability When Imaging Checks
(A PowerPoint Presentation)

643 KB
A Study of Production Check Image MICR Verification. This presentation will explore:
  • How current check data verification processes work;
  • How those processes will need to change to accommodate imaging
  • Why check image MICR data verification is important
  • How to reduce check image data substitution errors
  • How to minimize your liability for invalid IRDs or check data

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