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white paper remote capture ird printing

Check Deposits Without Check Scanners

2.0 MB

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) has been in use by banks and other financial institutions for some time. What is relatively new for RDC is the capture of checks from camera based devices without hardware magnetic MICR readers.

white paper remote capture ird printing

Working with Image Cash Letters (ICLs) AKA X9.37 Files - Version 3

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This white paper is for anyone contemplating working with or implementing a sys­tem that will process Image Cash Letters (ICLs), AKA X9.37 files, and would like to reduce their implementation costs, time, and ongoing maintenance efforts.

Ramifications of MICR Mis-Match in Check Image Exchange

2.0 MB

This white paper discusses the issue of data errors made during the check truncation and exchange process and the privacy and operational risks this creates to the financial institutions involved in Check 21 check clearing.

Combining Remote Capture and IRD Printing

4.0 MB

This white paper discusses a Check 21 Strategy for Community and Regional Banks.

Bar Codes in Document Imaging

2.0 MB

A White Paper that describes in detail Bar Codes and how they relate to document imaging.

white paper remote capture ird printing

Strategies for Success

0.5 MB

A concise document that describes the expanding RDC and Remote Lockbox market.

To address this market effectively, the cost of the systems must be lowered.

The paper covers:

  • Business drivers
  • New types of RDC and Remote Lockbox Users
  • Technology issues
  • Table of common scanner types and their issues

Best Practices for Check Image Capture Without Traditional Check Scanners

7.0 MB This white paper will outline essential good practices for Check Image Capture without traditional check scanners. This whitepaper also provides detailed information about the how's and why's of using smartphones and scanners to capture check images.

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