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All My Papers IRD Printing solutions are Windows™ - based software products used to convert check Image Cash Letter (ICL) files to Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) that conform to the ANSI X9.100-140:2008 standard.

All My Papers IRD Print software rapidly prints accurate Image Replacement Documents (substitute checks) from ICL files.

The software conforms to ANSI X9.100-140:2008 (mandatory in Nov 2010) and with file types X9.37 and Universal Companion Document (UCD). UCD 187 will be mandatory for exchange with FRB in Sep 2010.

IRDs printed with All My Papers software are in conformance with The Check Clearing Act for the 21st Century (“Check 21”) by meeting the following requirements:

  • Accurately represents all information on the front and back of the original check.
  • Contains the legend “This is a legal copy of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check.”
  • Conforms to industry standards applicable to the MICR line.
  • Conforms to the industry standard for the physical characteristics of checks.

ANSI X9.100-140:2008 has these differences from the previous standard which are summarized below.  Please see the All My Papers IRD Print Solutions page for details:

  • Truncating institution’s routing number and business date print order is reversed in the truncator information block.
  • Return Reason Overlay uses abbreviated language and is placed horizontally to limit printing on the check image.
  • Return Reason code is added to the endorsements on the back of the check image.
  • Additional Return Codes are added.

All My Papers has two IRD Printing software solutions:

X9 VIEWER® with IRD Printing license – Use when viewing the check items, selecting or editing capabilities are required on the ICL files prior to printing IRDs.

IRD PRINT SDK® -   Use when you want to develop your own custom IRD printing applications or add IRD printing capabilities to your core banking system software.


  • Prints valid IRDs conforming to ANSI standards from ICL files
  • Easy to use with  AMP X9 VIEWER application
  • Software Development Toolkit allows rapid development of custom IRD applications
  • Supports a wide variety of PLC5e compatible duplex laser printers
  • Prints both Forward and Return IRDs
  • Prints both Normal and Qualified IRDs
  • Prints 1,2, or 3 up
  • Configurable  for sorters and bursters
  • Drives printers at full rated speed


  • Accurate - prints IRDs as legal, negotiable instruments
  • Reliable - used in the largest financial institutions to  prints millions of IRDs daily
  • Flexible - works with a wide variety of laser printers
  • Fast  - prints up to 1,280 IRDs per minute
  • Versatile - same software used to print a few or a million per day
  • Secure –MICR fonts purged from printer after print job
  • Economical – flexible licensing plans

See our Flash videos on printing IRDs with the X9 VIEWER at

Support for many types of printers

The All My Papers IRD Printing technology supports specialty IRD printers from companies like the TROY Group. Alternatively, you can print valid IRDs with a variety of duplex laser printers from companies like Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Ricoh/Hitachi, Xerox and IBM.
The printer for printing valid IRDs with AMP software must meet these requirements:

  • Duplex – be able to print front and back information on the same paper
  • Laser – uses laser technology for fusing the toner to the paper
  • MICR Toner – so that automated check sorting machines can read the magnetic information on the bottom of the IRD
  • HP PCL5e compatible – so the AMP page printing layout software accurately places the legal components within the specifications required by the standard.

All My Papers IRD Print services within the IRD Print SDK performs the following tasks:

  1. Composes valid IRDs from the appropriate records in X9.37 files. This can be done on a number of PCs using our COM Object based functions that would be incorporated into your custom application.
  2. Prints IRDs from the PC or server that has logical control of the IRD printer(s) and has the XipPRINT DLL and runtime software installed. The advantage of this arrangement is that a number of networked PCs can produce the IRDs and centrally located and secure PC can print the IRDs. Network traffic is minimized because the check image data is compressed until it arrives at the printer.

All My Papers provides IRD Print products as either one of two applications or as an SDK:

  1. Use the All My Papers SDK to develop your own IRD Print applications or to add IRD printing to your organization’s existing core systems.
  2. Use the IRD Print client to print IRDs in both single and multiple workstation environments as part of the SDK.
  3. Use the X9 VIEWER in conjunction with IRD Print services when you need to view, analyze or edit ICL files before printing IRDs.

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