X9 Image Clearing

image clearing


X9 IMAGE CLEARING is a Windows server-based application to upgrade legacy payment systems for Check 21 clearing processing. X9 IMAGE CLEARING enables:

  • Posting,
  • Archiving and
  • Returns processing of X9.37 Image Cash Letter (ICL) files.
  • Enables Check 21 processing for legacy item processing and payment systems
  • Leverages investment in legacy core payment systems
  • Minimizes non-imaging processing fees
  • Automates outgoing return processing
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Enables Check 21 exchange with complete record of each ICL file
  • Provides efficient research of check images and data
  • Prevents posting of duplicate check items and check images
  • Reduces costs through one-time license fee

X9 IMAGE CLEARING will receive and store X9.37 Image Cash Letter (ICL) files received from image exchanges such as the Federal Reserve Bank. MICR and other ICL transactional data is extracted from the files and populated into a SQL database. Data can then be formatted for interface to core banking systems and legacy image archives. Incoming files are checked for duplicates.

X9 IMAGE CLEARING includes a web server application for research on items received. The system can execute against an exception list file from the legacy system containing items requiring research and possible return. Operators can review these items via a web browser, assign a return code and mark them for return.

Images are retained and stored in a file archive directory. Indexes pointing to the location of the images are stored in a database along with the MICR and other ICL data. The system’s incoming files are checked for duplicate items, with duplicate files being rejected.The system will then generate a file compatible for posting to legacy core banking systems.


• Imports X9.37/ICL files automatically into the system

• Generates posting files compatible with core banking systems

• Exports images to legacy image archive systems

• Enables research and return processing of received items via web browser based application

• Supports file based exception lists forresearch and return processing

• Generates outgoing X9.37 Return ICL files

• Detects duplicate received files and items

• Sets configurable archival storage period for the received X9.37 ICL files

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