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A Windows .NET-based application to identify and resolve textual interoperability and data  integrity issues in Image Cash Letter (ICL/X9.37) files. The textual information is in the form of Records and Fields that describe in detail the check images and the information contained in the check images. This textual information has to be formatted precisely, based on detailed companion documents that are issued by the destination institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank, SVPCO, and major financial institutions.

X9 VIEWER can help ensure error-free interoperation with your exchange partners. Financial institutions are ramping up production volume of Image Cash Letters (ICLs). A production X9.37 file can routinely contain 30,000 check images or more and can be well over a gigabyte in file size. One "bad" item can stop the reception, transmission, or processing of a multi-million dollar Image Cash Letter.


• Saves time by combining check image and text viewing/editing in a single window

• Maximizes efficiency by supporting most ICL variants

• Improves accuracy by automatically rebalancing totals and item counts after edits

• Provides convenient text file import and export for integration with legacy applications

• Analyzes and highlights errors quickly even in large ICL files

• Limits edit access to ICL files via software license

• Provides command line control for programmatic access

• May be called from an external process to generate an issues report file or to create a new file by using selection rules from the command line


• Complete or correct data in forward and return ICL files

• Generate test data

• Accelerate ICL qualification process

• Research items and issues in ICL files


• View check images from a variety of ICL formats

• View textual information in Records and Fields

• Analyze textual information for syntactical conformance to standards and companion documents

• Edit Record and Field data and auto rebalance totals

• Search, find and select data

• Print IRDs

• Secure logging and audit feature tracks users and changes to ICL files

X9 VIEWER  Features Summary & Screen-Shots

Click HERE to view the X9 VIEWER Features Summary & Screen-Shots


X9 VIEWER provides several licensed variations that allow viewing alone or the addition of analysis, editing, and IRD printing of the data components of ICL/X9.37 files

There are three functional versions of the product:

  1. FREE version - allows the viewing of front of the check images only in ICL files
  2. Viewer/Validator version  - licensed version, views check images and associated record data for either X9.37 or X9100.180 file types and analyzes the file for conformance to the respective ANSI Standard
  3. Editor version - licensed version, allows editing, deleting of bundles, items, records and fields and re-balancing of ICLs plus the viewing and conformance testing. The editor version also supports advanced search, saving file data as CSV and IRD printing with an optional license.

Runtime licensed versions of the X9 VIEWER/VALIDATOR/EDITOR are licensed by:

  • File type - either X9.37 or  X9.100-180 (U.S. and Canadian or UCD/187
  • Unlimited or  less than 10,000 items.
  • IRD Printing

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