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AMP Barcode software delivers accurate and fast barcode data extraction from one dimensional or two dimensional barcodes that have been scanned as images.

Barcodes are used in document imaging to:

    • store data
    • contol batch processes
    • route documents
    • index data bases

AMP developed the barcode reading software over a ten-year period of improvement and refinement. All My Papers team patented the barcode reading process that made automatic finding and reading of barcodes at any angle possible.

Millions of barcodes are read on a daily basis using AMP applications and technology


All My Papers barcode reading tools have the following capabilities:

  • Detects barcode(s) within the image files at any angle or location
  • Finds all the barcodes on the page
  • Reads in any direction
  • Repairs automatically image files for best barcode data extraction accuracy
  • Reads and extracts barcode data
  • Exports barcode data in ASCII format to databases

All My Papers Barcode Software Development Toolkit (SDK):

AmpLIB Barcode Reader SDK is a High Level Programming System for Windows™ application development consisting of COM objects, Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs), associated import libraries, header files and example source code. The SDK is compatible with many programming environments.With AMPLIB Barcode software, you save significant time and gain maximum flexibility to customize solutions because AMP already has done the complex, low-level programming.


  • High read rate accuracy
  • Automatic
  • Fast

Barcode Types Supported with Seperate Runtime Licenses-see complete list at bottom of page.

  • One Dimensional
  • Two Dimensional

All My Papers Barcode reading software is compatible with multiple file formats such as:

  • Bi-tonal
  • Grayscale
  • Color

Input File Types Supported:

AMPLIB accepts a wide variety of image file types such as:

  • TIFF
  • TIFF multiple image
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • PCX


A number of exclusive automatic processes and routines are incorporated into AMPLIB Barcode Software to ensure the accuracy of extracting the correct barcode data.

Image processing functions are:

  • Automatic image skew correction
  • Automatic image edge removal
  • Automatic image registration

Types of Barcodes Supported are both One Dimensional and Two Dimensional:

One Dimensional Barcodes Supported with 1D License

  • Barcode 3 of 9
  • Barcode 2 of 5
  • Barcode Codabar
  • Barcode I25
  • Barcode 93
  • Barcode 128
  • Barcode UPC-A
  • Barcode UPC-E
  • Barcode UCC128
  • Barcode EAN 8
  • Barcode EAN 13
  • Barcode Postnet (Postal)
  • Barcode Patch Code
  • Barcode Airline 2 of 5
  • Barcode Planet
  • Barcode BCC 32
  • Barcode 3 of 9 NSS

Two Dimensional Barcodes Supported With 2D License

  • Barcode PDF 417
  • Data Matrix
  • Four State Barcodes (U.S. Mail, Royal Mail, Royal Dutch Mail, Singapore Mail, Austrailian Mail
  • Quick Response (QR) Code

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