ampLIB SDK -- (MICR OCR Software Development Kit)

MICR line data extraction from check image files. Includes image processing and image formatting for Remote Deposit and other Check 21 applications.

The AmpLIB MICR OCR SDK finds, reads, parses, extracts, verifies and saves the MICR data from the check images quickly with low reject rates. The AmpLIB MICR OCR SDK is a High Level Programming System for Windows™ application development consisting of COM objects, Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs), associated import libraries, header files and example source code. The SDK is compatible with many programming environments.











AmpLIB MICR OCR SDK lets you quickly develop applications for remote deposit and mobile capture of check images. The MICR OCR SDK includes the following functions:

* MICR Data Extraction
* Image Processing
* Image Formatting

that allow you easily and accurately process incoming check images, prepare them for OCR, reliably extract the MICR data and format the final images ready for integration into ICL files for exchange. AMP provides sample applications written in C, C++, C# and VB with source code for quick evaluation and proof of concept testing.

New in this Release

Support for Check Images Captured without Traditional Check Scanners.
Both MICR OCR and Image Processing routines have been improved and refined specifically to address the issues of handling check images captured with desktop scanners, cell phone cameras and similar devices that do not have hardware MICR readers.

Trained Fonts Read Camera Captured Check Images
The ampLIB SDK has retrained the MICR OCR Engines with font data using over two years of real world Camera capture image data.

Multiple Engine Voting Decreases Substitution Errors
A new feature bit for Camera based check images. The SDK now invokes multiple engine voting on a character by character basis. This can greatly reduce the substitution rate by as much as xx% while maintaining a high read rate.

Advanced Function Calls Speed Development and Implementation
A single function call may now be used to implement a MICR OCR and check image processing of remotely captured check images from flatbed scanners and cell phone cameras. The function call is a super-set of functions that takes check images as input and provides formatted MICR line data and UCD187 conforming check images as output.


Remote Deposit Capture A single application call to take input check images from an RDC client and output verified MICR line data as well as Check 21 compliant 200-DPI TIFF check images for incorporation into ICL files for exchange.

Remittance Check Processing Automatically find and process checks within larger documents.

MICR OCR Verify Verify MICR data from traditional check scanners that employ magnetic MICR reading.


Accurate MICR OCR provides high read rates with very low substitution error rates

No Click Charges - Licensed per machine. Licensing is based on features and performance options selected. Performance is scalable to hundreds of image processing functions per second per server

Works with low quality images - low contrast and resolution, out of focus and distorted images while providing the lowest possible image rejection rates

Easy integration with your Check21 systems - using .NET COM access or direct DLL calls. Demonstration apps and source code provided for C++, C# and VB NET

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