X9 Qualifer


A Windows .NET-based application which tests, reports and corrects check image and MICR issues in Image Cash Letter (ICL/X9.37) files. X9 QUALIFIER is also available as  a software development toolkit for developing automatic "lights out" applications.  

Financial institutions are ramping up  Image Cash Letters (ICL/X9.37) files. As ICL Volume goes up, issues with check images scanned and captured with a variety of capture devices and software are causing interoperability and data integrity issues. A production X9.37 file can routinely contain 30,000 check images or more and can be well over a gigabyte in file size. One "bad" item can crash a system.  Receiving and sending financial institutions need to ensure that the check images in the ICL/X9.37 files will comply with conformance standards and guidelines such as the Universal Companion Document (UCD)with regard to TIFF image and MICR quality assurance.


• Test and Correct to ensure TIFF tags conform to X9.100-181 conformance

• Make certain that X9.100.187 and Universal Companion Document conformance minimum Image quality levels are met

• Verify that the MICR data on the check matches the data in the records and fields in the ICL/X9.37 file

• Validate that the ICL/X9.37 file balances with regard to item and dollar totals

      X9 QUALIFIER will test ICL files for:

      X9 QUALIFIER can ensure error-free inter-operation with your exchange partners.


      • Test and provide detail reports of TIFF tag conformance

      • Test and report essential image quality assurance metrics

      • Compare and validate MICR data to check images


      • Perform QA on outgoing ICL files

      • Correct files so that exchange can occur

      • Auto correct non-compliant files prior to exchange


      • Test, report and correct check image files prior to creating ICL/X9.37 files

      • Test for conformance to exchange guidelines for ICLs and printing IRDs

      • Perform quality assurance testing


      • TIFF Quality Assurance

      • Image Quality Assurance

      • MICR Quality Assurance

      • File Quality Assurance

      • Test, Report and Correct check images in X9.37/ICL Files

      • FREE version performs Pass/Fail test on ICL/X9.37 files

      There are various versions of X9 QUALIFIER:

      1. The X9 QUALIFIER FREE version performs a pass/fail testing for TIFF, limited IQA, and ICL file format.
      2. The Certifier & Reporter version includes additional Image Quality Assurance (IQA) testing and permits the viewing and reporting in detail of items that fail the tests. An option supports MICR Mismatch testing
      3. The Corrector and Qualifier version not only analyzes X9.37 files to find non-conforming items, but can also correct files by converting many types of TIFF non-conforming images into conforming images. When Correct File function is chosen, each item from the source file will be analyzed, corrected if needed, and then written out to the specified destination file.

      For license and configuration information see the diagram below and contact sales at ALL MY Papers for more information: sales@allmypapers.com.

      x9.37 files


      Licensing Model:

      Minimum System Requirements:

      Flexible licensing model based on:

      • Maximum number of items per file
      • Certification
      • Certification and report
      • MICR Mismatch testing
      • Operating system: Windows
      • XP
      • 2000
      • NT
      • .NET installed
      • CPU: Pentium 4, 2 GHZ, 512MB RAM

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