License Transfer

Replacing A License On A PC That Has Crashed or Transferring A License To Another PC

Assuming your organization is current on maintenance, this is the process for moving a license.

1)  Go into the All My Papers License Manager software and click on Show License (You can take a screen shot of this page and send it to us as well if you do not know the original license code that was installed on this machine. This will help us send the correct replacement license.)

2)  Click on the license you want to delete and press the following keys <Ctl Alt F5> or <Shift-DEL>. This will give you a code to confirm the deletion of the license.

3)  Send this code to

4)  In addition, please fax a Certificate of Destruction that can be downloaded HERE to 408-366-6406. Please include what Authorization Code and Product Code you will be transferring.

Once we receive the fax and code, then we can send you a new license.

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