X9 LIB® is a suite of software tools for X9.37 files. X9.37 files are also known as Image Cash Letter (ICL) files, 180 files, Universal Companion Document files or UCD files.

X9 LIB is a Windows™ DLL High Level Programming System that allows for X9.37 files to be:

  • Composed
  • Converted
  • Edited
  • Sorted
  • Merged
  • Split
  • Recalculated
  • Tested

The SDK allows the rapid development and deployment of a set of application(s) for dealing with image cash letters in a virtual way, just as banks are used to working with paper checks, bundles and cash letters.

X9.37/UCD Image Cash Letter (ICL) Files

A cash letter is an inter-bank transmittal letter that accompanies cash items sent from one bank to another. The ICL file is the electronic image version of the cash letter. A X9.37 or Image Cash Letter (ICL) is an electronic file which can be transmitted to a Federal Reserve Bank or other financial institution, containing cash letter totals. The electronic transmission contains the MICR information from the checks, the check images and total information for reconciling in standard format.

Business Use

A bank may be receiving X9.37 files from many different remote capture sites provided by different capture systems or from other banks. The checks in the X9.37 files may be going to a standard set of payor banks. All the check images in an X9.37 files can be sorted using an Image cash letter (ICL) Sort function of the toolkit. It replaces all the sorting pockets on a hardware transport with a number of virtual payor bank routing pockets. The results are image cash letter bundles (that would have been bundles of paper checks given to a courier) except now they are X9.37 files for each payor bank.

Similar scenarios can be imagined for editing the information in the X9.37 record so it corresponds to the correct value of the MICR data on the check image.

An application could be developed that allows the bank personnel to remove items from a X9.37 file and compose a Return X9.37 file for those items it picked that it did not want to process with the bulk of the items in the original X9.37 file. The All My Papers software would recalculate the Return X9.37 file and recalculate the original X9.37 file minus the deleted Return items.

Format ICL Files for Specific Destinations

Once an ICL file is composed and created it is usually sent to a particular financial institution such as an exchange or bank. These financial institutions publish a companion document that specifies how the file and contents are formatted. AMP software will format for all the major exchanges such as the Federal Reserve Bank, SVPCO, Viewpointe or Endpoint exchange. The major exchanges have now standardized on a Universal Companion Document (UCD). AMP software supports these variations for each of the major exchanges.


X9LIB can sort, merge or split ICL files based on customer requirements




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