X9 Viewer

X9 VIEWER lets you view data and check images as well as analyze, edit and perform data entry and correction of dollar amount and MICR line data in ICL files.  X9 VIEWER supports ICL file variants of all of the major exchanges in the U.S. and Canada as well as those of the over 50 bank-proprietary RDC formats.  X9Viewer lets you print IRDs and extract check images in TIFF file format from ICL files.

X9 VIEWER can help ensure error-free interoperation with your exchange partners. Financial institutions are ramping up production volume of Image Cash Letters (ICLs). A production X9.37 file can routinely contain 30,000 check images or more and can be well over a gigabyte in file size. One "bad" item can stop the reception, transmission, or processing of a multi-million dollar Image Cash Letter.

Latest Updates

Supports all industry standard formats


• Saves time by combining check image and text viewing/editing in a single window

• Maximizes efficiency by supporting many ICL variants

• Improves accuracy by automatically rebalancing totals and item counts after edits

• Provides convenient text file import and export for integration with legacy applications

• Analyzes and highlights errors in ICL files

• Limits edit access to ICL files via software license

• Provides command line control for programmatic access

• May be called from an external process to generate an issues report file or to create a new file by using selection rules from the command line


• Complete or correct data in forward and return ICL files

• Generate test data

• Accelerate ICL qualification process

• Research items and issues in ICL files


• View check images from a variety of ICL formats

• View textual information in Records and Fields

• Analyze textual information for syntactical conformance to standards and companion documents

• Edit Record and Field data and auto rebalance totals

• Search, find and select data

• Print IRDs

• Secure logging and audit feature tracks users and changes to ICL files


Viewer/Analysis Version - licensed version allows:

  • View check image front & back
  • View record and field level textual data
  • Support for, X9-100.180 file types
  • Analysis of ICL files for its conformance to the respective ANSI Standard
  • Printing of IRDs and CRDs

Editor Version - licensed version, all the features of the Viewer/Analysis version, plus:

  • Editing of textual data at the record and field level,
  • Deleting of bundles, items, records and fields,
  • Re-balancing of ICL files,
  • Supports advanced search,
  • Saving X9 file data as CSV with pointers to check images
  • Printing of IRDs and CRDs.



X9 VIEWER Features Summary & Screen Shots


The free version allow viewing of front side check images within within and ICL file containing fewer than 10,000 items


Licensed versions of X9 VIEWER Provide many more features including detailed viewing of check images, editing functions, analysis of files for conformance with standards and optional IRD Printing.

View Front & Backof Check Items

View check items front, back or both and then tab to view text

View Front and Back of Check Images


Navigate thru Hierarchical file structure

Image Cash Letter Files contain textual information structured in a hierarchical format.

The X9 VIEWER allows for easy and intuitive navigation through cash letters, bundles, items, records and fields

Tab between check images and textual details

View ICL data in a hierarchal structure


View Record Field Level Detail

Each check item has associated textual records. The records have field level data

Navigate, view and edit the detail fields for each item and record.

MICR data, dollar amounts and other details can be edited and changed with editing license.

View records and fields


Open as... Federal Reserve Bank ICL File and others

X9 VIEWER can open a variety of ICL file formats including those required by the Federal Reserve, Canadian Payments Association 015, Royal Bank of Canada and other check image exchanges such as SVPCO, Viewpoint Endpoint, etc.  In addition, the proprietary Remote Deposit Capture file formats of many financial institutions including Well Fargo are also supported.

Oprn ICL file in one of many industry standards


Analyze for Conformance

X9  VIEWER analyzes ICL files for conformance to check image exchange standards.

Syntactical conformance is checked to ensure proper use of numeric vs. alpha data as well as field length

Each field is analyzed and errors are reported in the bottom panel

Errors are displayed using the terminology and descriptions specified by the Federal Reserve

After editing, the corrected file may be saved.

Analyze ICL files


Complex Search and Find

X9 VIEWER can perform fast complex searches on various records and data fields

Items can be searched for dollar amount, account number, dollar value, etc.

Perform search and find within and ICL file


Save as CSV

X9 VIEWER can disassemble and save the contents of an ICL file, splitting the data contained into:

Exchange-Rady front and back check images

Textual data as a CSV file for import into other applications.  The CSV file will also contain the path of the associated check image files

Extract ICL file data with save as csv option


Print Forward and Return IRDs

With the optional IRD Print license and a properly equipped printer, X9 VIEWER can print ICL files as negotiable Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) or Substitute Checks

Both Forward and Return files are supported. Either a single item or entire file can be chosen  for printing.

Print forward and return IRDs


Edit MICR Lines with X9 VIEWER

X9 VIEWER can display the check item and hig

hlight questionable or missing MICR data so that an operator can quickly make corrections.

Navigation is automatic to the next item that may have an issue.

Corrected files can be saved at the end of the process.

Edit MICR ine in an ICL file


Edit Dollar Amount with X9 VIEWER DE

With the optional data entry license, X9 VIEWER can display the check item, highlight the questionable or missing dollar amounts so an operator can quickly enter the corrected amounts.

After corrected values have been entered, amount totals and item counts within the file are rebalanced automatically when the corrected file saved

Edit dollar amount within an ICL file


RCC Count

The header record view now displays the number of RCC items in the currently open ICL file as well as the number of items with non-conformant check images (shown as n/c count in the illustration below).

 X9 VIEWER showing RCC count in Header Record

paragraph line blue

Search for RCC Items

X9 VIEWER's search finction can be used to find RCC items in the currently open ICL file by executing the search show below.

Use X9 VIEWER's search function to find RCC items

paragraph line blue

Logging User Information

X9 VIEWER works with your security systems. Each operator's transaction and file access is documented and logged. A debug mode is also available to aid with AMP support.

When analysis is turned on some analysis functions can be disabled for better operator interaction.

View activity log


Support for Record 27 Viewing & Editing

The All My Papers X9 Viewer allows the editing and viewing of records and fields in check image cash letter (ICL) files.

The Early Warning group has rolled out a new network to support peer to peer (P2P) real time payments for its members who sign up for the clearXchange Network. Chek Direct is the process that allows this payment process to work by modifying and customizing the 27 Record.

All My Paper X9 Viewer supports the viewing and editing of Record 27 as shown below:

Record 27 Support in the X9 viewer for Early Warning Chek Direct

For more information about Early Warning, follow this link:

For more information about clearXchange click on this link


License & Version Number

X9 VIEWER is being continuously improved for features and compatibility.  Use this screen to verify which licenses are enabled and compare your version to the latest version posted on the web.

View License and Version information





Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System

  - Desktop - Windows 7, 8x, 10 - 32/64-Bit

  - Server - Windows Server 2008 and newer

  • CPU: Pentium 4, 2GHZ
  • RAM: Per Operating System Minimums

Input/Output Compatibility

INPUT FILE FORMATS: X9.37/X9.100-187 ICL Files

OUTPUT FILE FORMATS: ANSI X9.100-140:2008 Forward and Return IRDs for printing

IRD Printer Requirements

Off-the-shelf Printers

Most duplex printing, black and white laser printers including those from from Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Ricoh/Hitachi, Xerox and IBM,  Your printer must:

  • Support duplex printing (prints on both sides of the paper)
  • Have the availability of MICR Toner cartridges - Required to produce negotiable IRDs with magnetic information readable by automated check sorting machines
  • Are HP PCL5e compatible – Ensures proper formatting of printed IRDs so that they conform to the ANSI X9.100-140:2008 standard

Specialty Printers

IRD printers from companies like the TROY Group



About Downloaded Software

All my Papers software is available for download for trial and production use and in some cases, demo use.

  • Demo Use - You may download the software and install it - limited functionality is available without any licenses.  Products without demo functionality will require a license to use.
  • Trial Use - Qualified customers may obtain a temporary license to enable product features for trial use (usually 30-days) by contacting 
  • Production Use - When you purchase an All My Papers software license, you will be issued a license enabling it use on one workstation or server.  Licenses come with three years of support and maintenance.



Available for Demo, Trial, Production

The X9 VIEWER Application --a .NET application to view and edit the contents of X9.37, Image Cash Letter Files and find conformance errors relative to various industry standards including X9.37 DSTU-2003, X9 100.180, X9100.181, Canadian 015 as well as over 25 bank proprietary remote deposit capture standards.  Optional data entry features let you quickly find checks with malformed MICR lines and missing dollar amounts and edit these fields while viewing the check image.

You may download and try X9 VIEWER without a license which allows the viewing of check images within your ICL files. Other features require licensing. To obtain pricing, a temporary for evaluation or to purchase a production license and support or just to find out more, information contact

Download X9 Viewer Application 64-Bit version

Download X9 Viewer Application 32-Bit version


IRD Print for Use with X9 Viewer

Available for Demo, Trial, Production

The IRD Print Application is sold with the X9 VIEWER and adds IRD Printing capability. 

You may download and tryIRD Print without a license which allows the the printing of IRDs with a "DEMO" watermark.  To obtain pricing, a temporary for evaluation or to purchase a production license and support or just to find out more, information contact

Download IRD Print Application 64-Bit version

Download IRD Print Application 32-Bit version



X9 VIEWER® Licensing and Deployment Models

All My Papers has evolved various and flexible licensing models for the deployment of the X9 VIEWER application to meet customer demand and requirements.

X9 VIEWER is a Windows-based application for the viewing, analysis and editing of check Image Cash Letter (ICL/UCD/187/X9.37) files and rapid data-entry and correction of MICR data and dollar amounts.

Because check image cash letters contain sensitive financial data, organizations may want to restrict some users to viewing only and permit others users to edit the check ICL file data.  Access to editing and data entry functions may be controlled on a workstation license basis.

The X9 VIEWER can be also be licensed to work with ICL files with fewer than 10,000 items or with any number of items per file.

ICL file size can approach the 2GB limit and contain over 40,000 check items and images. The X9 Viewer can efficiently access files located on other network resources but is most efficient if the ICL file is on the same hard disk as the application.

Desktop Workstation License

X9 Viewer can be purchased and installed on individual desktop workstations. This is the standard license.


Server Licensing

Organizations that use Remote Terminal Services (E.g. Remote Desktop, Citrix) can install both the VIEWER and the license manager on a Remote Terminal Services server to conveniently provide Viewing or Viewing/Editing at any workstation from one to 62 users at a time limited only by the number of concurrent user licenses purchased.


Distributed Licensing

Similar to Server Licensing described above but used when AMP applications are installed locally on workstations and licensing is provided from a server.  Provides Viewing or Viewing/Editing at any workstation for up to 62 users at a time limited by the number of concurrent user licenses purchased.



Licensing Models Compared

Licensing Model ->

Workstation Desktop



Number of users


1-62 Per License Server

1-62 Per License Server

PC/Server Requirements

2 GB Memory

Terminal Services Server - moderate to heavy   depending on number of concurrent users. (1-2 GB memory per active user)

License Server: Minimal – PC/server used only   to administer licensing

Client: 2 GB Memory

Supports VM

Yes (Requires additional license)


Yes (Notes 1)

Terminal Services

Yes (Requires additional license)


Yes (note 2)

License location

On workstation

Issued to Terminal Services sessions as   needed.

Issued to workstations as needed

Applications installed on and execute from


Terminal services server


Limit certain users to view only features

Install appropriate version of X9 VIEWER on   user's workstation

Use separate license servers for view only and   view/edit versions.

Mixed Viewer, Viewer/Editor and/or Viewer DE   deployments

Select on a per workstation basis at install   time

Each instance of license server can support   one version of viewer.  To mix within a network, you will need one   license server per Viewer version

Mixed Server and Distributed deployments

Applications can be installed on workstations

Applications can also be installed on License   Server and other Servers

Other requirements

Administrative rights required to install

Workstations, Terminal Services and/or VM   sessions must all have read/write permissions to access  small semaphore   files used in server and distributed licensing models


  1. Requires acceptance of AMP VM License Amendment Agreement
  2. Distributed model also supports server licensing. AMP products can also be installed on the centralized license server. Users can access these products through Remote Desktop (terminal services) connections. Total number of users (client machine users + terminal services sessions) limited to number of concurrent licenses purchased




 The Whitepapers linked below may aid in understanding the range of applications for the X9 Viewer.

Working with Image Cash Letters

Download this white paper if you contemplate working with or implementing a system that will process Image Cash Letters (ICLs), AKA X9.37 files, and would like to reduce their implementation costs, time, and ongoing maintenance efforts.

Combining Remote Capture and IRD Printing

Download this white paper to read about Check 21 Strategies for Community and Regional Banks.




X9 Viewer

  1. X9 Viewer Features I - The video outlines features of the X9 Viewer including selecting, saving and deleting items.
  2. X9 Viewer Features II - This video outlines features of the X9 Viewer including analyzing, ICL conformance checking, errors and printing.
  3. Printing IRDs from X9 Viewer - This videos will show how to print IRDs using the X9 Viewer software.

For questions or to stay up-to-date on our products

Click for our Contact Page


amc-logosmAll My Checks™
• Extract MICR data accurately
• Format check images for exchange
• Create ICL files for exchange or RDC
• Ready to run software application

ampLIB-logosmX9 Exception Manager

• Increase transaction throughput
• Enable Check 21 processing for legacy systems
• Acheive improved float management

x9LIB-smlogoampLIB MICR OCR SDK 

• Process check images
  From Phones, Cameras, Scanners
• Extract MICR data from check images 
• Format check images for exchange
• Fast programming with single call implementation

ampLIB-logosmX9 RCC
• Build Remotely Created Checks
  - for presentment or exchange
  -on behalf of your customers 
• Produce Test ICL Files
  - to debug Check 21 Applications
  - without risking customer data

• View content of ICL files
• View check images
• Edit records and fields
• Print IRDs and CRDs

qualifier-smlogoX9 Qualifier
• Detect non-conforming TIFF tags
• Correct TIFF Tags
• Detect MICR Mis-Match
• Image IQA

x9LIB-smlogoX9LIB SDK
• Create ICL Files
• Format ICL Files
• Save as CSV Files
• Sort & Merge ICL Files

IRD-Print-smlogoIRD Print
• Conforms to latest standard
• Prints Negotiable IRDs and CRDs
• Works with many printers
• Prints one item or the entire ICL file

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Image Clearing
• Check Archive
• Duplicate Detection 
• Research Check Items
• Forward & Return Clearing

x9ImageClearing-smlogoX9 Returns
• Imports ICL files into SQL database
• Supports 50+ ICL formats
• Return item research & sorting
• Browser-based user interface



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December 2 , 2008 All My Papers Awarded Bid by State of Nouth Carolina for Check 21 Processing

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July 23, 2008 All My Papers Releases Software Reader for USPS 4-State Barcode

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December 12, 2007 All My Papers Releases X9 TIFF QUALIFIER For Testing To the New ECCHO Check Image Exchange Rules

October 23, 2007 All My Papers Releases White Paper on Ramifications of MICR Mis-Match in Check Image Exchange

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January 17 , 2006 - Sterling National Bank, Leveraging All My Papers Technology, Granted Federal Reserve Board Approval for FedReturn™ Image Cash Letter


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July 20, 2005 - All My Papers Business Partner, Aquracy LLC, uses IRD print technology in Remote Image Capture Solution.

July 18, 2005 - All My Papers and Intactis Software Inc. form Strategic Business Partnership.

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